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Background Information

The Gwich'in people of Tetlit Zheh (known by its English name as Fort McPherson) welcome you to this website. Please, explore and learn more about our community and our people. We have a long and proud history as North America's northern-most Aboriginal people, and look to the future with a sense of pride, hope and excitement.

Mashi Choo

Fort McPherson in 1964.
Fort McPherson back in the 1960s.
The Tetlit Gwich'in Band Office.

Tetlit Zheh: Means ("Fort McPherson")

Population: 980 Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal People (Year 2000)

Languages: English and Gwich'in ( Gwich'in means: "one who dwells")

Politics: Member of the Legislative Assembly: Fredrick "Sonny" Blake

Legislative Assembly Electoral District: Mackenzie Delta

Member of Parliament: Honourable Dennis Bevington

Chief: William Koe

Sub Chief: Elizabeth Wright

Mayor: Hazel Nerysoo

Land Claim Area: Gwich'in

Location: Fort McPherson (Tetlit Zheh) is located 187 km south of Inuvik on the Dempster Highway. Tetlit Zheh is sitting on a hill surrounded by lakes and swamps. It sits right beside the Peel River. Fort McPherson lies on the eastern edge of the Gwich'in Dene Territory. It is the first community visitors find as they enter the Dempster Highway.

Access: The community is accessible by road from Inuvik during the summer months and after the November freeze up. The spring break up is between April and June. The road is accessible by road from Dawson City through to Whitehorse City year round.

Resources: Fort McPherson has two stores: Tetlit Service Co-op and North Mart Store, Fort McPherson Tent and Canvas Shop, Chief Julius School, Canada Post (located in the Tetlit Coop), the RCMP Detachment, William Firth Health Centre, Wellness Centre, Tl'oondih Office, Gee Jam Arena, Hamlet of Fort McPherson, Francis J. Francis Curling Rink, The Charles Koe Building: Tetlit Gwich'in Council / Gwich'in Tribal Council (Band Office), and Peel River Inn. We also have a Tetlit Petroleum Gas Bar.